Modern image capture

Plant & Food Research have an in-house Design & Photography team. The team has dual responsibilities, the development and governance of the Plant & Food Research brand and the visual support of science excellence. The team consisting of multi-skilled professionals with a wide range of backgrounds from science and marketing photography, design and multimedia production, which makes their work interesting and unique. They are passionate about storytelling and sharing with the world the wonderful scientific advancements happening at Plant & Food Research.

These days our photographers continue to collaborate with scientists to capture the best photographs of their research. No longer bounded by the bulky cameras, photography shoots can take place anywhere, from physical containment laboratories to temperature-controlled glasshouses and research orchards. Studio-based work is still important, with an example being styled food photography. These images are used in specialist software as part of consumer studies to understand human behaviours towards foods.

The team work with leading-edge photographic equipment and high resolution full-frame digital cameras in various fields of science photography, such as macro, ultraviolet and thermal photography. New technology has made photography more accessible and imperative to modern research than ever. When working with living organisms, nature and marine life, time is often our photographers’ biggest enemy because many of the specimens are live and their states can change by the minute. It is important that photographers work closely with scientists to ensure high-quality images are captured at the right moment in the right condition. At times, unique photographic equipment is designed and custom made for specialised research projects.

A recent highlight is the “Electrospinning” image shot by Robert Lamberts. It was selected by Nature: International Journal of Science as one of the “2017 in pictures: The best science images of the year.”

Our Design & Photography team is careful and measured with their work. They are always out and about looking for perfection.

The members are:
Andrea Leonard Jones - Senior Brand Designer

Darren Snaith - Senior Graphic Designer

Donna Gibson - Graphic Designer

Minna Pesonen - Senior Graphic Designer & Photographer
Robert Lamberts - Senior Science Photographer

Tony Corbett - Senior Graphic Designer & Photographer

Wara Bullôt - Photographer 

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